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SBL Graphites 0/6 LM


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Information about SBL Graphites 0/6 LM

SBL Graphites is a homeopathic remedy that is prepared from the black lead. This medicine is used to treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism, burning in the base of ulcers, inflamed tissues and old cicatrices. It is a given to treat redness of the face, helps reduce the redness, skin disorders, particularly weeping eczema, Dry, cracked skin, psoriasis, Unhealthy skin. It is a good medication for treating digestion related problems like constipation, bloating, and flatulence.

Key Ingredients:
  • Graphites Trituration

Key Benefits:
  • Treats painful cough with scanty
  • Treats oedematous eruptions
  • Helpful in treating swollen eyelids
  • Treats chronic diarrhea
  • Cures eczema in large areas
  • Treats painful corns and warts repeatedly
  • Cures burning in pharynx
  • Treats a number of skin disorders like acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • Treats digestive problems accompanied by constipation, bloating, flatulence

Directions For Use:
1-2 tablets can be consumed by adults three times a day,1tablet can be consumed by children three times a day or as directed by the physician.This medicine can be taken with other allopathic medicines too.

Safety Information:
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Use under medical supervision
  • Keep at least half an hour gap before or after meals while taking the medicine
  • Consult your physician if you are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Keep out of the reach of children

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBL Graphites Dilution 0/6 LM?

SBL Graphites Dilution is a homeopathic remedy prepared from black lead. This medicine treats hypothyroidism symptoms, burning in the base of ulcers, inflamed tissues, and old cicatrices. It is provided to treat redness of the face and helps reduce the redness, and skin disorders, mainly weeping eczema, dry, cracked skin, psoriasis, and unhealthy skin.

What are the benefits of SBL Graphites Dilution 0/6 LM?

SBL Graphites Dilution treats painful cough with scanty, oedematous eruptions, swollen eyelids, and chronic diarrhea. It cures eczema in large areas. It also treats painful corn and warts repeatedly.

What are the side effects of SBL Graphites Dilution 0/6 LM?

There are no such side effects. It is safe to take medicine even if you are on another prescription mode like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic, etc. Homeopathic medicines never interrupt the action of other drugs.

What are the precautions before taking the SBL Graphites Dilution 0/6 LM?

Maintain half an hour gap between homeopathic medication and food, drinks, and other drugs. Avoid any powerful smell in the mouth on medication, e.g., camphor, garlic, onion, coffee, or hing. In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, contact a homeopathic practitioner before use.

How many days does it take to ship?

Once the order is placed, it ships in 5-10 business days.

What methods of payment do we take?

We accept the payment with all major credit cards, G pay, Paypal and Apple pay securely.

How to contact our customer care support?

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SBL Graphites 0/6 LM

SBL Graphites 0/6 LM