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Tamil Nadu Mixture
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Andhra Namkeen

Andhra Namkeens brings the magic of our rich inheritance to your plates. Break free from the shackles of preserved, frozen, and junk food, and adopt a lifestyle to join us on the path to health and happiness. Enjoy great food that combines flavor and health with expertise gained over decades. Andhra Pradesh is most famous for its variety of namkeens.

In Andhra, most of the namkeens are prepared from homemade spices that are healthy and pure. Most of the favorite Andhra Namkeens are served with tea and are found in every house in Andhra Pradesh.

Some of these namkeens are used as food starters as they taste well and set up a perfect starting. In Andhra, snacks are seasonal, which is why you will find the best snacks for a particular season, they have crunchy namkeen for the rainy season.

Andhra’s Famous Snacks

Most famous Andhra namkeens are prepared at home as they are pretty easy to make, and the ingredients required are readily available at every house. Here is a list of famous Andhra namkeen. The famous Andhra namkeens are Sav mixture, ribbon pakoda, poha, papad, mathri, moong dal, and a lot more.

Spicy Boondi

Spicy (karam) boondi thats a favourite and popular South Indian snack, made especially during Diwali time. Treat your guests with the spicy, salty and crispy mixture to make your evening.


Chegodi  has an addictive nature, making it hard for you to stop once you open a bag of it! Made with rice flour and topped with sesame seeds, you will notice that it is crunchy with every bite.

Q1. Is Andhra Namkeens available in the USA and Canada?

  • Yes, you can buy Andhra Namkeens in USA and Canada, as Pushmycart brings a wide range of Andhra Namkeens to your doorstep.
  • Q2. What types of Andhra Namkeens are available?

  • There are several types of Andhra Namkeens available, including Chekkalu, Pappu Chekkalu, Nippattu, Kara Boondi, Murukku, and Ribbon Pakoda.
  • How long do Andhra Namkeens stay fresh?

  • It can be stored in a container at room temperature for up to a month.
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