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Andhra sweets

Andhra sweets are a diverse and delicious range of desserts popular in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. They are made with various ingredients, including milk, sugar, nuts, fruits, and spices.

Andhra Sweets In USA and Canada

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A delicious deep-fried dumplings made with a filling of chana dal (split chickpeas), jaggery, and grated coconut. The outer covering is made with rice flour or semolina, giving it a crispy texture.


Are traditional laddus made with roasted urad dal (black gram), sugar or jaggery, and ghee. These laddus are protein-rich and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.


A famous sweet in Andhra is made during festivals like Sankranti. It is a deep-fried sweet made with rice flour and jaggery and flavored with cardamom or sesame seeds.

Kakinada kaja

A crispy layered sweet made with maida (all-purpose flour), ghee, and sugar syrup. It is a delightful treat and a specialty of Kakinada City in Andhra Pradesh.

Rava ladoo

They are made with semolina (rava), sugar or jaggery, ghee, and nuts. These laddus are easy to make and a favorite among all age groups.

Bandar laddu

A renowned sweet from Machilipatnam, also known as Bandar. It is a large, round laddu made with gram flour, sugar, and ghee and is often enjoyed during festive occasions.


Q.1-Which sweet is famous in Andhra?

Putharekulu is the most famous sweet of Andhra Pradesh.

Q.2-What are the different types of Andhra sweets?

Putharekulu, Nellore Malai Kaja, Kakinada Kaja, Mamidi Thandra, Sunnundalu.

Q.3-Can Andhra sweets be stored for a long time?

Have a longer shelf life and can be kept in an airtight container for a week.

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